Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, waiter/waitress, teacher or just love to keep a standing desk available in the office; it’s important to wear the best shoes when you’re on your feet all day.

When standing for long periods of time you may experience things like:

  • Sore heels or the ball of your foot
  • Bad posture
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • You may even develop or worsen conditions such as plantar fasciitis or hammer toe.

Here are the top 7 brands that will support you and your feet all day long!


Dansko is known for their Professional Clog among doctors, nurses and those in the food-service industry. The clog is applauded for its rocker bottom that supports the natural way your foot moves as well as moisture wicking technology and ample foot and arch supports.

This technology and passion has allowed Dansko to expand into dress and casual shoes, sandals, and boots.

alegria 1

Alegria is a great brand if you need extra support to ensure you don’t fatigue your lower leg muscles. They also specialize in slip-resistant styles which make them a top choice for anyone on their feet for long periods of time.

Sam Hubbard

This brand is famous among teachers, sales professionals, and our Stan’s staff! Sam Hubbard is crafted from fine leather yet lightweight and ridiculously comfortable for long days on your feet. Insoles on every style are created for comfort while padded collars mean there’s no hard material digging into your ankles when you’re too far from home to change out shoes!

A few of our favorite styles

fdr blck main

Sam Hubbard Founder

free nvynbck graysole main

Sam Hubbard Free

ivylgnd cordovan main

Sam Hubbard Ivy Legend


Dunham is great for the type that loves to walk miles in the woods or work in skilled labor jobs. Each style is developed with crafted materials and details in mind. Most styles contain an removable EVA footbed for arch support and comfort on your feet.  

A few of our favorite styles:

dan01dbr Main

Dunham Lexington Oxford

dao02dbr Main

Dunham Lawrence Steel


Dunham Lexington Steel Toe

If you need inserts, these are our favorites:


Superfeet’s insoles are designed for natural support of your foot while enhancing how your feet should be moving with each step. The contoured silhouette of each insole cradles your heel as well as supports your arch. Superfeet has multiple options (orange, berry, green, blue, full length and 3/4 length to aid in the most comfortable insole for your individual needs!

Aetrex insoles are over-the-counter orthotics that use a cork footbed to reduce stress on your feet. At Stan’s, we have a digital foot scanner from Aetrex that visually shows you how you naturally stand and what insoles can support you. Aetrex has a digital foot scanner to aid in recommending the best insole for your individual needs. We have a digital foot scanner at each of our Stan’s locations!

Of course, socks are a huge part of your day:


Socks play an important part of your day whether you’re sedentary or on your feet for long periods of time. Maintaining circulation through your legs helps keep your energy levels high and reduce swelling in your legs. Sockwell provides trendy designs in compression socks you can wear for long flights, long days on your feet or for everyday use!

Stop by any of our Stan’s locations to see how great these brands are for yourself! We love to help you feel comfortable with each step.

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