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All Stan’s locations utilize the newest Aetrex Albert 3D Foot Scanner to get your best comfort and fit.  Our Fit Specialists are trained to walk you through your unique foot scan.  You can now benefit from an extraordinary fitting experience that will provide you with a custom selected solution to help lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

What is a digital foot scanner?

Incorporating a state-of-the-art digital pressure plate and 18 HD cameras, Albert accurately measures your foot shape and determines your arch type and pressure points in less than 30 seconds.

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Albert immediately recommends orthotic styles for your individual footwear needs. A 3D printed personalized insole can be created just for you based on your scan to give you the ultimate support and cushion exactly where you need it.

With that information your Fit Specialist can make recommendations on footwear that will be great for you. The net result is an extraordinary experience that will properly match you with the ideal shoes and insoles for your feet that will make you look and feel your best. In a matter of seconds, you will be on your way to a better life.


Q: How long does the scan take?

A: It takes about 30 seconds to scan your foot and then we take the time to walk you through your results.

Q: When I step on the scanner will it tell you my weight?

A: No, the scanner does not weigh you.  We promise.

Q: Where can I get my feet scanned?

A: Stop into any of the Stan’s Fit For Your Feet locations to have your feet scanned on the Aetrex Albert 3D Foot Scanner.

Q: Do you make custom insoles?

A: Yes, to learn more about our 3D Custom Insoles from Aetrex and Superfeet click Here