As the experts in shoes, we’re all about getting a customized fit! There are a number of shoe tying techniques you can use to make sure you’re getting the best fit from your shoes. We turned to our friends at New Balance Milwaukee to learn a few shoe tying techniques and tricks.

Check out the how-to video featuring shoe tying extraordinaire, Adam, our assistant manager at New Balance Milwaukee in Brookfield!

Lack Lock (also known as the Runner’s Knot): Secure your ankle and prevent your heel from slipping out of the shoe.

Box Lace: If you have a high instep or feel that the shoe is irritating the top of your foot, take some pressure off with this technique.

Widening Lace: Need a bit more width in your shoes? Loosen up by skipping every other eyelet while lacing.

Are your shoes always coming untied? Try tying the bow twice to flatten it out or wrapping the loops twice to secure the tie!

What are some of your favorite shoe tying techniques to get a customized fit?

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