Guys, are you traveling a lot and in need a casual business shoe that will work in the office as well as on the go?

If so, we carry your “must have” shoes. Samuel Hubbard offers a perfect versatile shoe line for the office and travel. They are wonderful for when you have to stand for hours at a trade show or if you want to go for a walk after your business meeting.

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According to our buyer, David, “Samuel Hubbard makes ridiculously comfortable shoes that are handcrafted to move, walk, work, live and play. They go well with jeans, khaki’s or even dress pants, and are incredibly durable.”

David adds that part of what makes Samuel Hubbard shoes so appealing is their “un-sneaker” technology which offers an extreme take on comfort that they incorporate into every pair of shoes.  

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Here are just some of their “un-sneaker” shoe highlights:

  • The heels are fiber-reinforced to provide lateral heel support.
  • They use triple-density insoles, which are also antimicrobial and ergonomic.
  • The collar and tongue of the shoes are padded.
  • The shoes are lined with hung leather for great breathability.
  • The soles deliver terrific lightweight shock absorption.
  • A feather-light shank adds to the stability.

Another reason we love this brand is because Samuel Hubbard is run by a third- and fourth-generation shoemaking family with a deep heritage in shoe business dating back to 1930. In fact, their current CEO was also the co-founder of The Rockport Company. They understand the shoe business and take pride in creating a quality product. 

Stop by Stan’s to check out our line of Samuel Hubbard shoes. Their comfort and durability is definitely worth the investment.

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