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Do you live in your Birks? Is it impossible to see yourself strolling through summer in any other sandal? If so, then continue reading these 4 steps to care for and rid your Birkenstock footbed of that inevitable, not-so-attractive foot imprint.

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Cork sealer is your best friend.
  • Like anything, the once shiny cork of your Birks will begin to dull.
  • Apply the cork sealer in a THIN LAYER to regain that once shiny look.
  • If the applicator seems sketchy, use a smaller paintbrush (we did!).
  • Avoid applying to the leather at all costs!
  • This step is crucial when attempting to avoid dry rot that cracks the cork.

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Keep your UPPers Clean and Protected.

For suede uppers:

For leather uppers:

IMG 4533
Scrub-a-dub your Footbeds.
IMG 7384
IMG 3327
IMG 6306
Simple step for more intense stains.
  • Use lukewarm water, soap and a cloth to scrub the unwanted footprint away.
  • Do not place in direct heat or sunlight to dry.
  • Be patient; let them dry COMPLETELY! (away from windows and doors for 24 hours)

All tools mentioned above are included in the Birkenstock Deluxe Shoe Care Kit available at our Brookfield, Greenfield, Glendale locations and at If your looking for individual products, our Stan’s Footwear Protector, Leather Cleaner/Conditioner and Nubuck/Suede Brush are available in stores and online as well!

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