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Stan’s Suede Nubuck Brush


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Use this Stan’s Suede Nubuck Brush to remove dust and dirt, and to raise the nap. For best results use this brush on a daily basis after you wear your suede shoes.


  • The Copper bristles are used for stronger cleaning on heavier scruffs and stains.
    • For use on rougher suedes, not for nubuck.
  • The Nylon bristles are used for a lighter and gentle cleaning on light scuff marks for thin or fine suede and nubuck.
  • When brushing, use light to medium pressure. You do not want to use too much pressure because you can damage the shoe.
  • The arched half circle on the corner allows for easier cleaning on rounded corners of the shoe.
  • This brush can be used with sprays, foams, erasers, and cleaning kits.


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