It’s a rare treat for a brand to relaunch a previous version of a shoe, but that’s just what HOKA is doing with the HOKA Bondi 7. The fan-favorite shoe is coming back this spring!

Despite the Bondi 8 being released two years ago, HOKA fans and the company itself came to an important realization: Why fix what isn’t broken? The Bondi 7 is a fantastic shoe, and HOKA enthusiasts are excitedly awaiting its return.

Read on to see what makes the Bondi 7 one of the best HOKA shoes in the lineup, and find out how you can be the first to get it at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet.

Is the HOKA Bondi 7 a Good Shoe?

In short, absolutely! 

The Bondi 7 is from HOKA’s Bondi line, which is one of their most popular amongst runners, walkers, and lifestyle wearers. It has dozens of great features, including the following:

  • HOKA’s Signature Meta Rocker: A rocker sole is one that smooths transitions from heel to forefoot by mimicking a “rocking-chair” motion in your shoe’s base. The Bondi 7 has an early-stage meta-rocker, which starts in your midfoot and helps you roll through the toes to increase your speed. 
  • Cushion, and More Cushion: Boasting the title of HOKA’s plushest road shoe, the Bondi 7 has a relatively high amount of cushion compared to other styles in the company’s repertoire. This helps soften the impact of each step on your feet and ankles, reducing soreness later. However, this is still a neutral shoe; the cushioning is symmetrical and doesn’t provide any extra stability features that would redirect your stride.
  • Rubber Outsole: The bottom of the Bondi 7 is made primarily of rubber, which improves traction in slippery or unstable outdoor conditions. Plus, it helps increase the longevity of your shoe, since rubber is a very durable material.
  • Open-Engineered Mesh Upper: The upper of the Bondi 7 features several layers of mesh that work together to provide protection, breathability, and flexibility. Added overlays around the toe box provide extra durability and safety for your toes.
  • Plush Heel Collar: Made to protect your ankles, the Bondi 7 has a memory foam collar that stretches all the way around your heel area. This helps accommodate both thin and thicker ankles in a comfortable, unique-to-you way.
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance: The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) have certified that the Bondi 7 promotes good foot health. Whether you have a pre-existing condition like plantar fasciitis or are just looking for a preventative measure, the Bondi 7 is a great pick.

In short, the Bondi 7 has everything the everyday runner, walker, and mover needs for a comfortable ride!

HOKA Bondi 7

Where to Buy the HOKA Bondi 7 Online

The relaunch of this shoe is guaranteed to be a hit, and Stan’s Fit For Your Feet is on top of the trends. Men’s and women’s versions of the Bondi 7 will be available at all three of our Greater Milwaukee Area locations in Brookfield, Greenfield, and Glendale. It will also be available to shop online 24/7 at stansfootwear.com.

If you have any questions or want to experience the beloved shoe for yourself, our team of Certified Fit Specialists are happy to help! Located in all of our stores, our friendly staff will help you find the right size, match you with the right orthotics, and more. 

See you soon for this exciting relaunch!

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