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Walking has skyrocketed in popularity as an approachable and fun way to exercise. Getting 10,000 steps a day has evolved from a fun challenge to a daily goal for many people, and the good news is, it’s great for your health!

Whether you’re a regular walker or just starting to make it part of your routine, it’s motivating to understand the health benefits of walking. We’ve collected a list of seven reasons why walking is good for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being below, and we hope it’s great encouragement to get out and moving!

As you continue or begin your walking journey, it’s important to take extra care of your foot health with high-quality shoes. We highly recommend Vionic’s active styles, and we’ll recommend the best Vionic walking shoes at the end of this blog.

Physical Health Benefits of Walking

Walking Burns Fat

Walking has been proven to boost your metabolism and burn calories consistently and effectively. This reduces muscle loss, helps burn fat, and improves your body’s response to insulin.

The amount of calories burned depends on where you walk (i.e. flat or hilly terrain), how quickly you walk, and how long you walk. To maximize calories burned, try to vary your walking speed and route, challenging yourself with inclines and speed-walking when possible.

Walking Strengthens Your Immune System

As you move, your body produces more immune cells, which then attack the pathogens that cause or are susceptible to illness. Blood circulation and reduced inflammation helps your white cells travel throughout your body to fight disease as needed.

Walking Prevents and Eases Joint Pain

Regular walks strengthen the muscles that support your joints, which can prevent joint pain from developing or reduce pain from pre-existing arthritis. It is specifically helpful for your knees, because the compression and release of cartilage stimulates the flow of synovial fluid, which brings oxygen and reduces stiffness.

Walking Reduces Risk for Chronic Conditions

Walking has been proven to lower your likelihood of having:

  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Breast cancer

And many more! Walking benefits so many areas of your body, from heart to lungs to muscles, that its positive and preventative effects are widespread. It has also been shown to extend your lifespan.

Mental Health Benefits of Walking

Walking Soothes Anxiety, Depression, and More.

Exercise reduces the stress hormone cortisol, causing you to relax, while also activating endorphins in your brain, triggering positive emotions. Studies have shown that even a ten minute walk can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially if the walk is taken outside.

Walking Boosts Focus and Creativity

During aerobic exercise, the brain creates new cells that in turn enhance your learning, decision making, and higher thinking. It also releases dopamine and encourages right-brain activity, both of which increase creativity.

Walking is an Easily Shareable Activity

Finding ways to socialize and connect with other people is a key component to taking care of your mental health. Walking is an approachable activity that is easy to do with other people, and spending time with others improves emotional and social well-being.

Best Vionic Walking Shoes

Vionic crafts shoes that are not only great for walking, but good for your health. Every pair features VIO MOTION™ technology that balances cushion, arch support, stability, and flexibility.

Here are a few of our favorite Vionic walking shoes.

Vionic Kimmie Court Sneaker

This casual lace-up sneaker features a padded collar and comes in trendy neutrals with dynamic pops of color at the heel. 

Shop Vionic Kimmie Sneakers at Stan’s and The Vionic Store Milwaukee!

Vionic Walk Max Lace-Up Sneaker

Maximum cushion with minimal weight — this sneaker was made for adding stability and support to your walk, with the added bonus of a water-repellent and breathable mesh upper. 

Shop Vionic Walk Max at Stan’s and The Vionic Store Milwaukee!

Vionic Walk Strider Sneaker

Created for performance walkers, the Walk Strider offers anti-roll construction to prevent overprontation, high rebound cushioning, and a Vio Flex insole for moisture control and flexibility.

Shop Vionic Walk Strider at Stan’s and The Vionic Store Milwaukee!

Vionic Kearny Lace-Up Sneaker

The Kearny lace-up is designed for walking in style; the lightweight platform outsole is made to handle all-day wear with a shock-absorbing, stress-reducing midsole and a durable synthetic outsole designed to withstand various surfaces.

Shop Vionic Kearny Sneakers at Stan’s and The Vionic Store Milwaukee!

Shop Walking Shoes in Milwaukee

The best Vionic walking shoes, along with many other walker-friendly brands, are available at the Stan’s Fit For Your Feet collection of stores in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Shop in-store or online at stansfootwear.com today!

Since its inception in 1950, Stan’s Bootery Inc. has reliably sourced stylish and comfortable footwear for the greater Milwaukee area. Today, under the stewardship of its third-generation family owners, Stan’s Bootery Inc. is recognized as one of the nation’s top independent shoe retailers.  With 7 Midwest brick-and-mortar locations under 4 distinct retail brands – Stan’s, Goodmiles Running Company, The Vionic Store Milwaukee, and Waxberg’s Walk Shoppe in Niles, IL, and a thriving, national e-commerce business, Stan’s Bootery Inc. proudly serves a diverse clientele from all walks of life. 

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I recently discovered Stan’s by searching for an Aravon shoe. Having 2 previous Aravon (pairs) shoes and understanding the brand was no longer available I was pleased to find Stan’s did offer the Aravon label. Usually I do not order shoes online, preferring to “try on” shoes before purchasing; however I was familiar with the brand and placed an order. The fit is not what I would have purchased, but I sadly realized too late that the purchase was a sale $.90 item and could not be returned.
Learning of Stan’s history, the dedication to foot care, the variety of supportive brands and fashionable styles and more, I wish that Stan’s had a store in New England!!!!!! Ordering online is not a realistic option for me. If the day arrives that we are in WI visiting family, a trip to Stan’s will certainly be on my schedule.
Thank you for the introduction to Stan’s and to the excellent service in fulfilling my order. May your business continue to thrive. Barbara


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