Happy Nurse’s Week! We’d like to thank the nurses in our community. You work to keep us healthy and we want to help you keep your feet healthy & comfortable. Dansko is a favorite among the medical community for their quality and long-lasting comfort. Here are some frequently asked questions about Dansko shoes and how any medical professional can benefit from them!

Are Dansko clogs worth the price?

Absolutely. In a profession where you work long hours and are constantly on your feet, comfortable shoes are a must-have! We love the high quality of Dansko styles. Dansko clogs feature a padded instep arch support to alleviate the pain & pressures of constantly being on your feet. A roomy toe box gives your toes the ‘wiggle room’ you need to be comfortable. The sturdy rocker bottom propels your foot forward as you walk and provides shock absorption for those on-the-go moments. A patent leather upper always looks good and can be wiped with a damp cloth for easy clean up. Once you give Dansko clogs a try, you won’t want to wear anything else to work!

How are Dansko clogs supposed to fit?

You may have seen these clogs appear as too big or loose on other nurses or medical professionals. This is all part of the fit philosophy for these Dansko clogs! When standing in the clogs, make sure the arch of your foot matches up with the arch of the clog. You should also be able to fit the width of your pinky between your heel and the back of the clog—this extra room allows your foot to move as naturally as possible throughout the day. You’ll soon be accustomed to this unique fit and realize just how comfortable they are!

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I have foot problems. Can I still wear Dansko clogs?

Yes! From bunions to plantar fasciitis, our Fit Specialists are trained to make sure that the shoes you’re wearing are right for you. There are many different ways to modify a shoe. For example, Dansko’s XP line features a removable insole. This allows us to customize the support with another insole that works for you. Typically the support of the footbed is so substantial, an insert may not be needed. Every foot is different, so we have the ability to work with you one-on-one for the best fit! When you go through our fit process with a Fit Specialist, be sure to mention any concerns you have to make sure we get you in the best fit possible.

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Can I get Dansko clogs in cute colors or patterns?

Of course! In addition to basic colors, we carry Dansko clogs in a variety of patterns for every personality. From refined metallic patterns to fun colors, you’ll find a Dansko clog to match your favorite set of scrubs. Don’t forget to check out Dansko’s collection of fashionable sandals & shoes so you can enjoy life outside of work in comfort! Our Fit Specialists are here to help make sure you get the perfect fit.

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To learn more about Dansko, here’s a short video about their iconic clogs and how they became so popular:

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