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One of the most common misconceptions about sandals is that they don’t support your feet (or that if they do, they aren’t fashionable). We’re here to let you in on a secret: sandals that treat foot pain don’t have to sacrifice style! Stan’s offers hundreds of foot-healthy sandals that are just as fashionable as they are comfortable.

We have sandals that can treat all of the most common foot health conditions. We carry plantar fasciitis sandals, bunion sandals, overpronation sandals, arch pain sandals, arthritis sandals, and more!

Check out our sandal recommendations for these health concerns below. You can shop our selection of supportive sandals online or at any of our three locations today.

Best Women’s Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, or inflammation caused by strain along the plantar fascia tissue on the bottom of the foot, is a painful yet treatable condition. Sandals that treat plantar fasciitis should have arch support that takes strain off the plantar fascia, in addition to cushioning that relieves heel pain.

When the cause of plantar fasciitis is flat feet, emphasis should be placed on arch support. We recommend the Revere Santa Fe sandal, which has a contoured insole featuring built-in support for your arches. If you need even more support than that, the footbed is removable so you can add custom orthotics. On the style side, it features a subtle cut-out design that adds a touch of elegance to every outfit.

When the cause of plantar fasciitis is high arches, emphasis should be placed on shock-absorbing cushioning in the heel. Our top pick is any recovery sandal from OOFOS, such as the OOahh Slide. Their proprietary OOfoamis ultra-cushiony and absorbs 37% more shock than traditional sandals. Athletic style meets ultimate comfort in every OOFOS recovery sandal.

Best Women’s Sandals for Bunions

Bunions are bony protrusions around the big toe joint, which can cause swelling and soreness around the big toe. In some cases, it can eventually cause the big toe to overlap with other toes. To relieve bunion pain, you should look for sandals that don’t constrict your toes or put any pressure on the area around your big toe.

The Fidelio Vienna sandal is made specifically for bunion pain relief. Besides being open-toed, it features two adjustable straps so you can relieve pressure wherever you need it. Stan’s carries this style in two stylish colors that will keep you comfortable and fashionable all summer long.

Best Women’s Sandals for Flat Feet and Overpronation

Overpronation, which typically goes hand-in-hand with flat feet, is the turning of the foot inward while walking, which causes stress on the ankles and knees. Sandals for treating overpronation should have arch support and a firm heel counter for guidance.

Birkenstock sandals, such as the Birkenstock Arizona, are excellent choices for overpronators. Birkenstock is famous for their cork footbeds, which are anatomically shaped and mold to support your unique feet over time. The deep heel cup cradles your heel and provides extra support and cushioning there. Besides being great for your feet, the Birkenstock trend is still going strong, so you have dozens of colors and styles to choose from. 

Best Women’s Sandals for Arch Pain and Arch Strain

Arch pain and strain can happen for a variety of reasons, but it typically results in inflammation along your arch. It’s important to buy shoes that support and cushion your arches, as that can prevent more serious future problems as well as provide pain relief now.

All Vionic sandals are designed with Vionic’s trademark 3-Zone Comfort with ultimate arch support. Stabilizing features in the heel, support in the arch, and cushioning in the forefoot all make Vionic sandals perfect for treating arch pain (along with a variety of other foot problems). Vionic sandals are the perfect pop of color and style for the beach, vacation, and everyday wear.

Best Women’s Sandals for Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects millions of Americans each year, and it comes in many forms. The most common version that affects the feet is osteoarthritis, which wears away cartilage in the joints of the foot and causes stiffness and swelling. Sandals that treat arthritis should have a roomy toe box and an upper made of soft, flexible materials.

ECCO’s Yucatan and Offroad sandals both fit these critical criteria. These styles have three adjustable straps, one around the back of the heel and two upper straps. It’s made from a sturdy nubuck material that is soft and easy on the feet, enhancing your comfort level. ECCO’s sporty styles are best-sellers here at Stan’s year after year, and there’s certainly no question as to why.

Choose from Stan’s Selection of Women’s Foot-Healthy Sandals

Choosing a sandal that treats your specific concern doesn’t have to be a confusing or stressful experience. Our Certified Fit Specialists are trained to listen to your needs and match you with the sandals that bring relief, support, and style to your life. Stop by any of our three locations in Brookfield, Greenfield, and Glendale to get the full Stan’s experience, or feel free to shop our website 24/7. However you shop, we’re here to find the sandal that fits your feet.

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