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If you swear by HOKA’s signature cushioning and lightweight support (or are curious what all the hype is about), you’re in good company! HOKA athletic shoes are skyrocketing in popularity amongst runners, walkers, and trendsetters due to their unmatched comfort and modern design. 

There are dozens of styles for every situation, from HOKA running shoes to HOKA waterproof shoes to HOKA walking shoes, so it’s important to choose the style that matches your movement, fits your feet, and boosts your confidence.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, so we want to make it easy for you: We’ve broken our favorite HOKA styles down into the best shoes for different types of runners, for walkers, and for a variety of foot health concerns. 

Check out our HOKA style recommendations below. We highly encourage you to stop in one of our three Stan’s Fit For Your Feet stores or either of our Goodmiles Running Company stores to try on whichever pairs catch your eye. It’s the best way to ensure you get the perfect HOKA shoe for your unique feet!

Hoka Shoes for Beginning Runners 

One of HOKA’s most popular styles is the Clifton 9, and for good reason. The Clifton 9 is almost unbelievably lightweight without sacrificing an ounce of support, and it features a thick layer of responsive foam (between 24-32 mm, to be exact) that makes every step feel plush. These features make it a great introduction to running for beginners that are unused to the physical demands that running places on the feet and lower limbs. It doubles as a great walking shoe as well, so you can go straight from running through the neighborhood to running errands around town. 

Available at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and Goodmiles Running Company.

We also recommend the Bondi 8 for beginning runners.

Hoka Shoes for Marathon Training

Carbon-plated running shoes are a hot commodity for long-distance and marathon runners, and HOKA’s take on carbon technology does not disappoint. The Carbon X 3 has a carbon fiber plate embedded in the midsole, which acts as a springboard that propels you forward to increase your efficiency as you run. This combines with HOKA’s famous Meta-Rocker, which stops your feet from landing flat and instead enhances the natural heel-to-toe movement of your foot, boosting speed and efficiency. But if all this sounds like it would be tough on your feet, don’t worry; the Carbon X3 also includes HOKA’s supercritical midsole foam, which provides a padded feeling that counteracts the firm carbon plating. For the serious long-distance runner, the Carbon X3 is a sure winner.

Available only at Goodmiles Running Company!

We also recommend the Mach 5 for long-distance and marathon runners.

Hoka Shoes for Trail Running 

Trail running is a unique experience that requires an equally distinctive running shoe; that’s why HOKA’s Speedgoat 5 is carefully crafted for the challenges of trail running. It features a Vibram® Megagrip outsole to ensure you have traction on rocky and uneven terrain, a sturdy toe cap to protect your feet from debris, and a double layer of mesh for increased flexibility as you move. You’ll feel supported and stable as you enjoy running through the great outdoors.

Available at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and Goodmiles Running Company.

We also recommend the Challenger ATR 7 for trail runners.

Hoka Shoes for All-Weather Conditions

For rainy and snowy days, the HOKA Anacapa Low GTX and Anacapa Mid GTX are excellent options to keep your feet dry and your steps steady. Gore-Tex (GTX) fabric is made with pores so small that water can’t get in but big enough that your feet can still breathe comfortably. The combination of this Gore-Tex fabric with waterproof nubuck leather prevents excess water from soaking into your shoes, so your feet remain dry even in wet conditions. Additionally, the Vibram® Megagrip outsole lives up to its name, providing much-needed traction in slippery conditions. These features also make the Anacapa a great hiking shoe or boot for uneven or muddy trails, even in sunny weather.

Available only at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet.

We also recommend the Kaha 2 GTX and Kaha 2 Low GTX for all-weather conditions.

Hoka Shoes for Walking

Whether you walk for the joy of it or to get where you need to go, the Transport is a perfect choice to get your steps in. It has a sustainable Vibram® EcoStep Natural outsole that works in tandem with a compression cushioning, which makes walking a breeze without having the visibly blown-out look of HOKA’s traditional running shoes. This makes it easy for you to pair the Transport with a range of everyday outfits; plus, its colors and design are also more subtle than other HOKA styles, adding to its versatility. Plus, for all your busy days, its quick-toggle lacing system makes it easy to pull on and off. With the performance quality of HOKA running shoes and the aesthetic appeal of an everyday sneaker, the Transport will get you where you need to go.   

Available only at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet.

We also recommend the Clifton 9 and Bondi 8 for walking shoes.

Hoka Shoes for Standing All Day

If you’re someone who stands for much of your day, HOKA’s Bondi 8 will help to prevent and relieve the aches you may be feeling. The Bondi 8 rejuvenates tired feet with its thick layer of midsole cushioning, which creates a plush bed for your feet to rest on. Additionally, the wide sole (especially noticeable around the heel) helps spread pressure evenly throughout your feet. Finally, the wide toe box and mesh upper give your toes plenty of room to spread out and move, enhancing flexibility and preventing cramped toes. With Bondi 8’s enhanced comfort, your feet will feel refreshed at the end of your day, not just at the beginning.

Available only at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet.

We also recommend the Clifton 9 and Gaviota for prolonged periods of standing and walking.

Hoka Shoes for Common foot health issues

Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, you should look for shoes that provide extra stability and prevent your feet from overpronating (rolling inward). The Gaviota 4 is one of HOKA’s best stability shoes because it features their patented J-Frame technology, which provides firm medial support (support along the inside length of the shoe). This guides your foot through a more natural gait in each step. Gaviota 4 provides a great deal of cushioning as well, relieving some of the pain you may feel due to low or collapsed arches.

Available at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and Goodmiles Running Company.

We also recommend the Arahi 6 for runners or walkers with flat feet.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is best treated by shoes that have a strong heel counter (a supportive structural piece that cradles and aligns the heel), good arch support, and comfortable padding in the heel and forefoot. HOKA’s Arahi 6 fits the criteria and beyond due to its stability-enhancing J-Frame, medial arch support, and cushioning throughout the length of the shoe. It’s also lightweight and breathable, making it equally as comfortable as it is beneficial for your foot health.

Available at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and Goodmiles Running Company.

We also recommend the Bondi 8 or Rincon 3 for runners or walkers with flat feet.


Both the Arahi 6 and Gaviota 4 discussed above are good options for overpronators due to their stability and extra guidance for your feet. If cushioning is a higher priority to help treat your overpronation, the Bondi 8 and Clifton 9 both provide the pinnacle of plush comfort.

So which HOKA is right for you?

When it comes to HOKA, it’s hard to go wrong; every shoe features top-tier support, cushioning, and style. What it really comes down to is you! Choosing the right HOKA shoe is a matter of knowing what types of movement you need your shoes for, where you plan to use them, and what qualities your feet need to feel their best. 

We encourage you to stop in to work with our Certified Fit Specialists or Goodmiles Fit Experts and find the right style and size for you. They love to help you find the best fit for your feet!

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