Stan’s Fit For Your Feet,  what’s your jingle?

Now this question has come by email, phone call, vocal performance, written letter, and in-person inquisitions. We thank you for your curiosity and wonderment. We have received some pretty interesting and creative ideas for what you believe the jingle is.  For some of you it may have stumped you in the past but with this post, we are here to clear up the questions and finally give you what you have been asking for!

So…you ask, What are the first words in your jingle?


“That’s _______       _______.  Fashion and Fit.”


Here’s to Stan’s Fit For Feet  FAMOUS Jingle. Enjoy!

That’s our bit

Fashion and fit

Here at Stan’s

Where fashion fits

If you kindly permit

I would like to submit

That these shoes are a hit

At Stan’s

Where fashion fits


We hope that cleared up some confusion!  Enjoy our jingle and our shoes!



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