On Wisconsin’s coldest winter mornings, getting out of a warm bed may seem like a minor miracle. Fortunately, Stan’s Fit For Your Feet carries a variety of slippers that make it easier to step into your day!

Slipper Blog-Haflinger Slippers

Haflinger slippers and clogs offer a blanket’s coziness with bright, colorful designs that will make your feet look like works of art and remind you that spring is just around the corner. Cute red booties reach up to the ankle and keep your lower leg as warm as your foot. A rubberized outsole on Haflinger slippers gives excellent traction while walking on wood floors around the house. Though these clogs can be worn outside, you will feel as comfortable as you do in your favorite slippers!



Slipper Blog-Orthaheel Slipper

Orthaheel Gemma Slippers have an adjustable closure and fun, spa-like style that will leave you feeling like you are vacationing at home. With a sassy leopard-print design, these slippers were constructed by podiatrists to modify your gait and serve as proof that shoes can be fashionable and good for your feet at the same time.




Though Australia’s UGG company is most known for its boots, be sure to try on its slippers! For both women and men and coming in a variety of moccasin and slip-on styles, your feet canrelax by a toasty fire while maintaining the elegance of a cocktail party. Your foot will thank you each time it experiences UGG’s plush, wool interior!


Foamtreads® have come from chilly Canada since 1948, and Stan’s carries a number of its slippers. The pretty pink Jewel has an adjustable closure strap that allows you to personally tailor the fit to your foot. While it is especially comfortable for people suffering foot-related conditions, the Jewel’s ballerina slipper-style will have you waltzing around the house in delight with both its look and feel.

Stop by and check out the wide assortment of  slippers at our stores! Stan’s can help you find the right fit to get you through the winter. While you’re here, take a look at our FITS and SmartWool socks. Don’t forget–our semi-annual clearance sale runs now through January 11.



Hi Makayla. The Ugg Classic Short boots are $155 for adults. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

David Sikora

I thought I could click on the slippers shown and get more information about them, and pricing, but no luck. Is there a way to get information without having to come to a store?


Hello David,

Thank you for your comment. Are you referring to the brown UGG Ascot? If so, it is $110. If you ever have a question about prices but do not want to come to our stores, please feel free to call us in Brookfield (262-821-1130), Greenfield (414-431-6300) or Glendale (414-464-1930). We will look into the blog comment issue.

Thank you!

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