There are a number of measures you can take to ensure better foot care and a longer life for your shoes. Here are today’s top three!

1. Rotate Your Shoes: You should always have a minimum rotation of three pairs of shoes. This will prevent the leather from retaining moisture. It takes approximately five days for a pair of shoes to dry out after just one day of use.

2. Use Shoe Trees: Cedar wooden shoe trees, placed in your shoes after each use, absorb moisture and prevent deterioration from the inside. They will preserve the new appearance of your shoes for years to come. See Footcare Products on our Brands page for more details.

3. Protect With Spray: Spray your new shoes with our water and stain protector. This will help retain the appearance of your new shoes for months. It will also waterproof, saltproof, and protect the finish without discoloration or spots. See Footcare Products on our Brands page for more details.

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