Our recent class of Certified Fit Specialist graduates!

Our recent class of Certified Fit Specialist graduates!


By: Kimberly Kim | Marketing Coordinator


When it comes to areas of personal care and well-being, we tend to go to a specialty store or qualified individual. For a haircut, we go to the salon. For health concerns, we see a doctor. For personal fitness, we see a trainer. When it comes to your shoes and foot health, it’s important to be fit by a Certified Fit Specialist. Why? Because you only get one pair of feet and it’s important to care for them. Making sure your shoes fit properly is just the beginning of proper foot health.

At Stan’s we understand the importance of a well-fitted shoe and foot health, which is why we take the time to certify our fit specialists as part of our on-going employee education. I had the opportunity to become certified through the Dr. Comfort Advanced Therapeutic Shoes Course and learned a lot! Through my experience, here are 3 reasons why you should purchase your next pair of shoes from a Certified Fit Specialist:


  1. You’ve never been measured with a Brannock device or you haven’t been measured since you were a child.

Even once you’ve stopped growing, your feet can still change. Weight gain/loss, pregnancy, and regular wear-and-tear can alter the length and width of your feet. Shoe size can vary drastically between different brands and styles. All of this can make it difficult to determine your shoe size. Our Certified Fit Specialists utilize your measurements on the Brannock device as a starting point in order to determine which size you are depending on the brand or style you’re shopping for.


  1. Foot pain is something you’re convinced is normal.

Pain is a signal from your body that tells you something is not right and should not be ignored. The solution to foot pain could be as simple as wearing a different size or getting an insert. While Certified Fit Specialists can’t diagnose any foot issues, we have the knowledge & technology to ensure that the shoe you’re wearing has the necessary support and/or modifications.


  1. Your shoes always wear out in the same exact spot.

Ever noticed that your gym shoes only wear out in the right heel or the upper of your shoes always rip in the same spot after a while? This could indicate that you’re wearing the wrong size or width of shoe. Even if you are wearing the correct size, you might require a certain type of insert or need your shoes stretched for the perfect fit. A Certified Fit Specialist can help you figure it out!


So what are you waiting for? Visit us in-store for a fitting. You never know– it could be life-changing! It’s completely free and only takes a couple of minutes. Our specialty is providing footwear in a wide range of widths and sizes. We have shopped the world to bring a variety of fashionable & comfortable styles to Milwaukee. Hope to see you soon!






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