Lightweight? Check.

Cushioned? Check.

Cool? Check.

New Balance Milwaukee’s newest shoe, the Fresh Foam 980, has all these qualities and more!

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New Balance enthusiasts are raving about Fresh Foam’s plush cushion and the natural experience it gives the underfoot. Ben Sajdak, Assistant Manager at New Balance Milwaukee in Greenfield, says Fresh Foam provides the foot with the same free, relaxed feeling of being barefoot but without the dangers of injury.

“It’s comfortable, lightweight and flexible,” says Ben. “It can be used for everything from lifestyle to running to higher mileage training. It has minimal drop, which is the height difference between the heel and toe, and it shortens up the stride to make you more efficient. It’s technically a barefoot shoe, but you don’t have the same risks as a barefoot shoe.”

Tony Dziatkiewicz, Manager of New Balance Milwaukee in Brookfield, says the shoe offers exactly what he has been looking for in running footwear.

“I’m excited, because I’ve been longing for a shoe with a super soft, plush, neutral ride,” says Tony.

Besides the comfortable cushion and low ride, Fresh Foam, has a breathable no-sew upper, which gives the foot additional flexibility and relief. In addition, its blown rubber outsole provides even more durability and cushion.

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Fresh Foam does not simply feel good; it is also a great looking shoe! New Balance Milwaukee carries a number of Fresh Foam designs, from the white/purple/yellow combo for women to the blue/orange/lime and white/blue/lime options for men. Kelly Hendrix, Manager of New Balance Milwaukee in Greenfield, says the design is another sign of New Balance’s innovation.

“It’s revolutionary technology with the 3D screen printing,” says Kelly. “It makes the color pop and the shoes more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And they just feel good!”

Come by our New Balance Milwaukee stores in Greenfield and Brookfield to try out a pair of Fresh Foams today. In addition, set aside time to come to our Fresh Foam launch parties at 5 p.m. on March 6 at New Balance Milwaukee in Brookfield and 5 p.m. on March 13 at New Balance Milwaukee in Greenfield.

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