Stan's x HOKA: Joy Vertz of our community stories wearing the white HOKA Arahi 7 style.

Introduce yourself:

Joy: My name is Joy Vertz and I’ve been going to Stan’s for more than 20 years, not only for my own footwear but for shoes for my now grown boys every year since they were little!

Joy Hertz, owner of Dry Bar Milwaukee

What brought you to Stan’s?

Joy: I originally went into the Glendale location when my sons needed sturdy school shoes that would last for the entire year.  I wanted a store that could do a professional fit as I did not know their correct size. I remained a customer all these years because they offer an assortment of shoes that are comfortable and good for your feet. 

How is the store different from other retailers in your area?

Joy: Stan’s is different than many other shoe retailers in that they not only offer the comfortable lines of shoes but also personalized fitting to make sure the shoes not only fit, but are the right choice for your lifestyle and foot!

What’s one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had training in your HOKAs?

Joy: I’ve never been super athletic but in August of 2022 started working out regularly with a personal trainer.   When working on stability on bosu balls and doing sled pushes, I knew that I needed more stable shoes. I wanted the combination of stable and comfortable and HOKA came to the rescue with my first pair of Cliftons. My workouts were more productive and I noticed that instead of wearing my “fashion” shoes I was picking my HOKAs time and time again for their durability and comfort. My athleticism is growing and my confidence to now say I AM an athlete has grown!

Why do you love HOKA?

Joy: I love HOKA because, you know, I’m not an athlete, but I do find that when I’m wearing sneakers or running shoes, that I am more productive. I get a little bit more done because I feel like I’ve got a bounce in my step. My HOKAs have taken that to the next level beyond just being a regular sneaker – they’re extra supportive and extra bouncy. I actually feel like it’s made me a little bit more motivated to get into working out – I feel like HOKA is a big part of that!

Joy is wearing the HOKA Arahi 7 sneaker in white

Why is it important to you to give back to your community?

Joy: I think it’s really important to give back to your community because this is where you live. As a business owner, it’s really important to have relationships with all different people in your community because people like to do business with people who do good things. It’s kind of a win win in that you’re able to support the people in the area that you live in, but also they will get back to you.

What is a Goodmile to you?

Joy: A Goodmile to me would be an amazing walk with my dog around the city. We live downtown and to be able to take her for a walk and listening to some amazing audio book.

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You can shop HOKA at Stan’s and at Goodmiles Running Company.

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