Clarks has been a longtime staple of Stan’s Fit For Your Feet. A British company since 1825, Clarks provides shoes for men and women seeking footwear for all occasions in hard-to-find sizes.

One of our favorite Clarks shoes is the WaveWalk™. A classy but casual option, the WaveWalk conserves the body’s energy, increases shock absorption and reduces joint stress, perfectly living up to its motto: “Walk farther. Feel better.” From February 15-23, customers can save 20% on their Clarks WaveWalk purchase at any of our Stan’s Fit For Your Feet locations.


Mark Nelson, Assistant Manager at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Brookfield, often wears his WaveWalks to work.

“I’m on my feet a lot here,” says Mark, “and the rocker sole takes pressure off the joints. It has outstanding cushioning, and my feet feel great at the end of the day.”

The WaveWalk difference is in how it affects the foot’s impact on surfaces. Its curved sole allows the foot to roll smoothly each time it touches the ground. This rolling effect makes use of the body’s natural momentum to propel you forward, reducing shock in the process.

Shelly Gray, Assistant Manager at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Greenfield, says a number of customers she has worked with cannot stop singing WaveWalk’s praises.

“I had a customer say, ‘I walked all over Europe with just my Clark Waves, and my feet felt great,” says Shelly.

Dave Sajdak, Manager of Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Brookfield, says another one of the WaveWalk’s exciting features is that it comes in so many diverse styles.

“It comes in slip-on, lace-up, waterproof, walking, Mary Jane and a number of other styles,” says Dave. “There are even WaveWalk sandals! There really is an option for everyone.”

Come to any of our Stan’s Fit For Your Feet locations to get your pair of WaveWalks today. Hurry while our great 20% discount offer lasts!

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