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There’s no feeling quite like pulling on a pair of high-quality leather shoes. This material has been lauded and coveted for centuries for good cause!

Are Leather Shoes a Good Investment?

Leather shoes are worth the investment for many reasons. Genuine leather shoes are more breathable, which is good for regulating foot temperature and keeping the inside of your shoe dry. They’re more durable, lasting longer than shoes made of synthetic materials. Finally, if treated or waxed in advance, leather shoes are often water-resistant, which is good for walking in a variety of environments.

With an investment in leather comes the need to care for it. Cracking, staining, and roughness are all symptoms of leather that isn’t being properly maintained.

Learn how to care for your leather shoes here, and shop our shoe care products in store and online.

Clean and Polish Leather Shoes Regularly

We recommend cleaning your pair after every wear. Wipe off the dirt and dust of the day with a shoe brush or microfiber cloth. To really get them clean, try using Christopher Pourny Leather Cream, which cleans, moisturizes, and shines leather. Plus, it helps prevent stains and water damage.

After every 5-6 wears, you should polish your shoes. First, clean the shoes with a brush or cloth so they’re free of detritus. Then, spread the polish over the area of the shoe you want shined and let dry. Buff off the polish with a dry cloth or brush, and enjoy your fresh look!

When polishing, make sure the color of your polish matches the color of your shoe. These great polishes from Tarrago come in over ten colors, making sure you get the match you need.

Living in Wisconsin, we have another cleaning problem to face: salt during winter. Salt easily stains leather, but this great salt stain remover clean help restore the discoloration.

Store Leather Shoes with a Shoe Tree

Leather is susceptible to becoming misshapen, so it is best to store your pair on a shoe tree. A shoe tree is a block of wood shaped like a foot that, when inserted into a shoe, helps it keep its shape. We recommend this Woodlore Shoe Tree made of cedar wood, which absorbs excess moisture, deodorizes and freshens scent, and helps prevent cracking. 

If you wear your shoes infrequently (less than once a week), we recommend storing them in a fabric bag to prevent dust from settling into the leather. Avoid plastic bags, since that reduces breathability and increases the chance of mold growth; breathable fabric is the best option.

Pre-Treat Leather Shoes to Protect from Weather Damage 

Though leather shoes are water-resistant, they should never be soaked or submerged. If you know that you may wear your pair in rainy, snowy, or other wet conditions, we recommend pre-treating it with our Stan’s Footwear Cleaner. Regular application of this cleaner helps repel water, cracking, and salt stains.

To use, just apply to a clean cloth and wipe down your shoe. Allow to dry before wearing, and repeat regularly for best protection.

Restore Cracking and Dry Leather Shoes with Leather Serum

If your shoes are starting to show age or wear, a good leather serum can rejuvenate them. Leather serum moisturizes the material, which renews softness and helps prevent further cracking. We recommend this Christopher Pourny Leather Serum, which is free of solvents and chemicals. 

Leather serum is easy to use. Just apply a few drops to a soft cloth and rub gently on the affected area of your shoe. Give it time to absorb into the shoe, and repeat as needed. 

Rotate Between Two or More Pairs of Shoes

It’s best to not wear the same pair of leather shoes for several days in a row, since this doesn’t give them enough time to dry in between uses. Rotating between several options ensures the longevity of each pair.

Shop Leather Shoe Care Products in Milwaukee

For all your leather shoe care needs, just visit Stan’s Fit For Your Feet! Stan’s carries a range of shoe brushes, polishes, creams, water repellents and more, which will keep your leather shoes looking and feeling brand new.

Visit Stan’s at three locations in Brookfield, Greenfield, or Glendale. Our Certified Fit Specialists can advise you on what products will be best to treat your new or used leather shoes—you can even bring in your current pair for a consultation! You can also enjoy the convenience of shopping online 24/7 at stansfootwear.com.

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