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By: Kelly Hendrix
Manager, New Balance Milwaukee – Greenfield

You’ve done all the training leading up to the big day, and the last thing you want to happen is to show up for your big race minus your Gu or missing a shoe. Working at an athletic shoe store, I have heard it all.

“I am running a marathon tomorrow and forgot my shoes,” or “I can’t believe I forgot my pants!”  I have learned first hand you DO NOT want to be testing out a new sports bra, socks, shorts or shoes during the race. That can lead to blisters, chafing and weird things you’ve never experienced before – and hope to never experience again!

This fall, New Balance Milwaukee is involved with a number of runs and walks in the Greater Milwaukee area: Briggs and Al’s Run and Walk; Komen’s Race for the Cure; the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk and Fun Run. We meet many runners and walkers at these types of events and, over time, have learned just how important it is to come prepared.

Here are some things to pack before your race. Be sure to check the weather beforehand so you know what to expect on race day, but don’t assume the weather forecast is 100%–you should be prepared for anything.

 *   Short Sleeve Running Shirt
 *   Long Sleeve Running Shirt
 *   Garbage bags (to wear that morning if it is cold or raining out so you will have layers to ditch)
 *   Shorts/Tights/Other running pants
 *   Sports Bra
 *   Gloves
 *   Hat/Visor
 *   Race Shoes
 *   After Race Shoes
 *   Warm Clothes for after the race
 *   Body Glide or Vaseline to prevent chafing
 *   Sunglasses
 *   Safety pins for your race bib
 *   Race Bib
 *   Race Waivers (it saves time if you have it filled out prior to the race)
 *   Water Bottle (Or whatever you’ve been using during your training)
 *   Gu, gels, protein bars, salt tablets etc…(whatever you’ve been using during your training, race day is not the day to test new supplements)
 *   First Aid Kit

Taking care of these items before the race will allow you to focus on what really matters during your run or walk: having a great time and striving toward your health and fitness goals!

If you have any questions about preparing for your race or finding proper form while walking or running, feel free to call or visit me in Greenfield or another Fit Specialist in Brookfield. You can also check out our blog post for some extra tips on things to consider when going for a run or walk.

Good luck on your race!

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