It’s winter in Wisconsin. By now you’ve probably prepared for the bitter cold and snow by purchasing warm winter footwear and accessorizing with hats, scarves and gloves. One winter footwear accessory that often goes unnoticed is socks!

Smartwool has an extensive line of wool products ranging from socks to sweaters. Here at Stan’s, we sell a wide variety of Smartwool socks for all of life’s activities! Whether you’re a runner looking for a low-cut lightweight sock or a skier looking for an over-the-calf, medium cushion sock, Smartwool makes it!

At Stan’s you’ll find the perfect Smartwool sock for every occasion. For example, Smartwool’s lifestyle sock is perfect for your everyday needs. This sock is generally a lighter weight fabric with varying cushion weights. The lifestyle line is available in many fun patterns, even cable knit! Smartwool also has a great line of hiking socks. These socks also range in weight and cushion. They provide all day comfort and help prevent foot discomfort such as blisters. Another example of a type of Smartwool sock is their PhD line. For example, the PhD Outdoor sock on the bottom right includes features such as compression bands, mesh ventilation zones and high density impact zones with extra cushioning in the heel and metatarsal areas. This heavy-duty outdoor sock ensures maximum comfort and support for all day wear! The top left PhD Outdoor sock is thinner in weight but still provides great support with compression bands. This sock is perfect for summer hikes!


Smartwool products are made from the finest Merino wool. You might cringe at the thought of wool socks. However, merino wool is different. The actual fiber is much smaller than that of regular wool, making it more flexible and less itchy against your skin. Merino wool is also extremely fast drying, keeping your feet dry. Not to mention merino wool is also very breathable and wicks away moisture with ease. Now do you see why merino wool is the miracle fiber?!

Keep your feet happy this winter with a pair of Smartwool socks! What kind of Smartwool are you wearing this winter?

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