At Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and New Balance Milwaukee, we do all we can to provide fun, fashionable shoes that serve a variety of lifestyles and purposes. Whether you are looking for something to wear to the gym or while relaxing at home, we want to help you find the best option for your feet!

We also know that comfort is key. No matter how great a pair of shoes looks, they are useless if they cause you pain. That is why we work especially hard to ensure our shoes not only look good but feel good. You do not need to sacrifice fashion for comfort at our shoe stores!

One way we assist our customers in finding relief for their feet is with insoles. While some people wear insoles for medical conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis or arthritis, others use them for prevention or to ease foot tension. We carry a variety of over-the-counter insoles with proven results and the support of our friends in the medical community.

Superfeet insoles raise a shoe’s midsole to the foot, with a heel cup and foam design that offers stability and relief. Superfeet comes in a number of colorful options, including Delux™, Blue, Green, Orange, Berry and Carbon. All of these address a diverse set of foot types and conditions.


In addition to making our iStep digital foot scanner, Aetrex makes Lynco insoles. These are great, medical grade orthotics that are strong but light, with arches that support the feet and align the body. They are made with a shock absorbing gel, and they come with the backing of medical professionals all over the world.


New Balance insoles are designed to be used throughout the day for any activity. They fit all shoes that come with removable footbeds (most of ours do!) and come with a light, sturdy layer of cushion.

Spenco RX provides high quality, comfortable insole and foot care products recommended by many doctors. These insoles come with adjustable arch support, so they will fit to each individual’s foot!


Pedag International guarantees that its Viva Mini insole means comfortable walking. Their light support alleviates sore feet, and their leather lining and heel cushioning, arch supporting features provide the feet with extra freedom.

Do not worry if knowing what insole works best for you seems overwhelming; we are here to help! Stop by any of our Stan’s and New Balance stores, and one of our Fit Specialists will gladly measure your feet. After a quick digital foot scan, they can assist you in finding the best insoles for you.  And if you already have custom insoles from your doctor, we will work to find a shoe they can call home!


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