Shoes for Mallet Toes

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What is a mallet toe?

A mallet toe has an abnormal bend in the joint nearest the toe. Excessive rubbing of the mallet toe against the top of the shoe can lead to pain and the development of a corn. The tip of the toe is often turned down against the shoe, causing pressure and discomfort.

What causes mallet toes?

Mallet toes are caused by an imbalance in the tendons, ligaments, or muscles that usually hold the toe straight. Mallet toes can develop when a toe is repeatedly forced upward.

The most common causes of mallet toes include:

• Bone and muscle imbalances, such as foot bones that are too short or muscles that are especially weak
• Injury to the toe
• Shoes that are too tight

Mallet toes can cause extreme discomfort, and can be aggravated if restrictive or improperly fitting footwear is worn for a prolonged period of time.

How do you treat and prevent mallet toes?

Any forefoot problems that cause pain or discomfort should be given prompt attention. Ignoring the symptoms can aggravate the condition and lead to a breakdown of tissue, or possibly even infection. Conservative treatment of mallet toes begins with relieving pressure, reducing friction, and transferring forces from the sensitive areas.

Shoes with a high and broad toe box are recommended for people suffering from forefoot deformities such as mallet toes. This prevents further irritation in the toe area . Other conservative treatment includes forefoot supports such as gel toe caps, gel toe shields, and toe crests. Gel forefoot supports provide immediate comfort and relief from common forefoot disorders without drying the skin.

If the problem persists, consult your doctor. Your Fit Specialist at Stan’s will advise you on appropriate footwear for your condition.

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