By: Brian Harper
Community Outreach Coordinator

With winter weather here to stay (at least for the next several months!), we are all about finding ways to keep warm. Well-insulated boots, comfortable slippers and snug scarfs are a given, but good socks cannot be overlooked, either.

One of our favorite sock brands is FITS. Like Stan’s, FITS is a family-owned company, with its products made in the United States with ultra-fine Merino Wool.

We spoke with David Olson, FITS’ Midwest Territory Manager, about his work and what makes FITS so special.

David Olson of FITS

David Olson of FITS

“FITS socks are made at a fifth generation family mill,” explains Olson. “What we know how to do is make great socks. The mill makes a lot of socks for a lot of people. Most of the product people buy weren’t made by the people whose name is on them. In our case, they are.”

The mill where FITS socks are made is an example of the company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

“The mill is in Niota, Tenn. and is the largest employer in the area,” says Olson. “It’s been in the same spot for 114 years, between Chattanooga and Knoxville. Two hundred families depend on the mill for employment.”

One of FITS’ defining features is the way its heels fit feet.

“It is the deepest, most well-defined heel pocket,” says Olson. “It’s almost comical. When you stuff them, it looks like a Dr. Seuss character. It’s the strangest looking heel cup you’ll ever see in a sock. It’s one of the components that makes it so special.”

FITS socks, available at Stan's Fit For Your Feet

FITS socks, available at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet

For Olson, FITS is a great match for his active life in the outdoors.

“I personally sleep best in a tent and like being away, whether it’s on water or snow,” says Olson. “I am an Eagle Scout. I’ve always been an outdoor person. I’m definitely a sock nerd.”

Ultimately, says Olson, FITS socks play into a bigger picture of proper shoe fitting and foot health.

“You get a true fit of the shoe if you get a sock that truly fits,” says Olson. “It makes your footwear experience that much better. It makes your feet feel better in the long-run. I’ve had people tell me wearing FITS is like walking on clouds.”

Stan’s carries a range of sizes and fun FITS styles. Stop by any of our locations to try on a pair today!

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