By: Brian Harper
Community Outreach Coordinator

“Style is knowing who you are [and] what you want to say.”
-Orson Welles

Several months ago, we shared a blog about spring fashion trends for men. It is hard to believe, but another season is upon us! We are excited to step into Fall with great new footwear to match the latest styles.

Pantone Inc.’s Fall 2014 color palette is a helpful guide for some of the colors that are most “in” this season. Among these are Sangria, Aurora Red, Bright Cobalt, Cypress and Radiant Orchid, the 2014 Color of the Year.

Pantone's Fall 2014 Color Palette

Pantone’s Fall 2014 Color Palette

According to Pantone, “[T]his season’s men’s collections have…been inspired by a need to explore–traveling back in time or into the unknown–resulting in a more adventurous use of color, especially through combinations.”

This blending of past and future, fun and formal and timeless tradition and new frontiers is exactly what we had in mind when compiling our fall footwear collection for men. Shoes like Ecco’s Fenn Tie and Clarks’ Drexlar Easy combine suave style with the sporty, cushioned comfort more typical in an athletic or walking shoe.

Ecco Fenn Tie

Ecco Fenn Tie in Black/Coffee (Available Sizes 8-14)

Clarks Drexlar Easy

Clarks Drexlar Easy in Black (On Order; Will Be Available Sizes 9-14)

Earlier this year, the London Collections: Men fashion show presented some of the best looks Fall/Winter 2014-15 has to offer. Though this show took place across the ocean, we have seen many of these runway trends hitting Milwaukee. GQ Magazine shared highlights of the show, and here are a few of our favorite, easy ways you can bring a hip new look to your wardrobe this fall and winter:


Slim pants are in style.

Though loose slacks have been more prominent throughout the past several years, GQ says, “Sixties stovepipe slacks are the way forward, cropped around the ankle and worn with bigger, bulkier layers on top.”

It shouldn’t be hard imagining yourself in these pants while out at a bar or coffee shop on Milwaukee’s East Side. A tighter cut of trousers goes well with a nice pair of boots, dress shoes or, as the third model shows, even relaxing slippers.

Florsheim's Rockit Plain Ox in a preview of our Fall 2014 Catalog!

Florsheim’s Rockit Plain Ox in a preview of our Fall 2014 Catalog!

Florsheim Rockit Plain Ox

Florsheim Rockit Plain Ox in Brown (Available Sizes 9-13)

Pikolinos Cuero

Pikolinos Pamplona Lace-Up in Cuero (Available Sizes 8-12)

UGG Chester

UGG Chester in Metal (Available Sizes 9-14 at Stan’s in Brookfield)



Biker jackets

GQ suggests biker jackets being a go-to this season, which will be welcome news in Harley-Davidson’s hometown!

“Black is always a classic,” the magazine announces, “but if you’re going to get ahead of the game try a colour (we saw green, blue and light tan) or go for suede.”

Something about this look sings “Third Ward Milwaukee.” Once again, a solid pair of boots can be the perfect complement to a biker jacket, as can slick black shoes or even a more casual option.

Pikolinos Olmo

Pikolinos Pamplona Chelsea (Available Sizes 9-13 at Stan’s in Brookfield and Glendale)

Florsheim Gallo Cap Ox

Florsheim Gallo Cap Ox in Black (Available Sizes 8-13)

Ecco Collin

Ecco Collin in Moonless (Available in Select Sizes from 9-13 at Stan’s in Brookfield and Glendale)


Ecco Collin

Ecco Collin

Though this is more common in summer and fall, it is worth mentioning that more and more people are looking to go sock-less in their shoes. This is not only true of sandals, loafers and boat shoes; many men are even trying out this style on tennis and walking shoes like the Ecco Collin (shown above).

For those men who like the look but not the idea of wearing shoes without socks, SmartWool No Show socks solve the problem by living up to their name; they are socks you cannot see while wearing shoes, available at our stores in Brookfield, Greenfield and Glendale.

SmartWool No Show Socks

SmartWool No Show Socks (Available at Stan’s in Brookfield, Greenfield and Glendale)


Check suits and baseball jackets

Check suits and baseball-style jackets are trends that hit last year but carried over into 2014. One of the best ways to pull off a check or patterned look is by balancing it with solid, non-patterned footwear. A New York Times article points out that this can even mean wearing non-formal lace-ups or sneakers with a suit. As the model on the right shows, brighter, reddish-brown shoes can add extra flair to an off-brown, suede baseball jacket. Given the fantastic season the Brewers are having, a baseball jacket and shoes to go with them are a perfect investment this year!

Finn Comfort Alamo

Finn Comfort Alamo (Available in Select Sizes from 8.5-12 at Stan’s in Brookfield and Glendale)

Clarks Wave.Camp Path

Clarks Wave.Camp Path in Tobacco (Available Sizes 8.5-13)

Ecco Dublin

Ecco Dublin in Rust Kalahari (Available Sizes 8-14)



Merrell Annex in a preview from our Fall 2014 Catalog!

Merrell Annex in Blue Wing in a preview from our Fall 2014 Catalog!

This is another look that was popular last season, but lighter-colored or even white outsoles are still a fun option for your fall footwear. The Merrell Annex (shown both above and below) not only looks cool with its tan/blue outsole combo; it has a shock-absorbing heel, a cushioned midsole and Vibram outsole for extra comfort and support.

The checkerboard outsole on Florsheim’s Rockit Plain Ox is further indication that varied colors and elegant design do not need to be limited to a shoe’s body. There is something special in knowing each step leaves a classy imprint on the ground.

Merrell Annex's Outsole

Merrell Annex’s Outsole (Available Sizes 8.5-14)

Florsheim Rockit Plain Ox's Outsole

Florsheim Rockit Plain Ox in Brown’s Outsole (Available Sizes 9-13)

As we said in spring, the most important factor in fashion is finding the right look for YOU! Style is about expressing yourself. The best clothing and footwear should not only allow you to feel comfortable but also share who you are.

If you have questions about these or any other styles, feel free to visit us in Brookfield, Greenfield or Glendale. We are here to help!

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