We work hard to train ourselves on the latest footwear information and technology at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and New Balance Milwaukee. Fit Specialists at our three Stan’s stores and two New Balance Milwaukee locations are highly trained and know exactly how our shoes can help you find the perfect look and achieve your lifestyle goals. They measure both feet and spend the necessary time with each customer to ensure everyone who enters our doors leaves with the best possible shoes!

Our stores are also staffed by seven Certified Pedorthists. This means they have undergone extra education and training that allows them to fit and adjust therapeutic shoes or orthotics and insoles prescribed for therapeutic purposes. Certified Pedorthists are educated in foot anatomy and function. They can offer an in-depth analysis of a customer’s foot, and they understand how over-the-counter insoles can correct and accommodate foot and ankle problems or conditions that affect the lower limbs.iStep Stan's Fit For Your Feet

Stan’s Fit For Your Feet and New Balance Milwaukee carry a number of over-the-counter insoles to help customers with diabetes, arthritis, sports injuries or even people simply looking for comfort or using insoles preventatively.


Superfeet insoles are designed to adapt a shoe’s midsole to the foot. Their shape secures the foot with a heel cup that provides support and relief. Pedag International’s Viva Mini insoles come with a guarantee for comfortable walking and an ultra-light support that alleviates sore feet. Lynco offers medical-grade orthotics, and Spenco insoles are recommended by doctors all over the world. New Balance also produces a number of options for a variety of foot and lifestyle types. Whatever your needs or desires, we are ready to help you find the right insole. And if you come with a doctor-prescribed insole of your own, we are happy to help you put it in one of our great shoes!

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Though we work with podiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors and others to make sure we are doing all we can to help our customers’ foot health, Certified Pedorthists are NOT medical doctors and do not diagnose foot conditions.

Please come by any of our Stan’s Fit For Your Feet or New Balance Milwaukee locations or visit our Web site’s Pedorthist, Accessories and Foot Health pages to learn more about Stan’s Certified Pedorthists, our over-the-counter insoles and common foot conditions!

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