The cold months are among us and snow will soon be falling. Winter is no excuse to be unfashionable. There are so many great trends and styles that will not only keep you warm but looking great! One of our favorite winter trends is BOOTS!

            There are so many different kinds of boots: riding boots, mid-calf boots, ankle boots, winter boots and comfy boots. The list could go on. The great thing about the wide variety of styles, heights and colors of boots are the ability we have to dress them up or down.


UGG’s Darcie Boot

            Riding boots were all the rage last fall and are still popular today. They look great worn casually with a pair of jeans and are easily dressed up with leggings or tights. Most brands create boots in stereotypical fall and winter colors such as browns, blacks and greys, but brands like UGG create a vintage, worn look brightening up the browns.

             As we begin the 2013 winter season, the new trend this season is mid-calf and ankle boots. These boots, too, look great with a pair of jeans and great with leggings or tights. This height of boot also elongates your legs, making you look tall and lean. Brands like Earthies embellished a pair of flat ankle boots with studs, while Fly London uses both suede and leather, along with their trademark rubber heel.

UGG will forever be known for their amazingly warm and comfortable boots, slippers and moccasins. These shoes have become casual winter staples for many women. Though there really is no way to dress up a slipper or moccasin, they look great with a pair of jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater.

Snow is unavoidable in the Midwest. When the white, fluffy stuff hits the ground, it’s important to stay dry. Brands like Sorel, Toe Warmers and Blondo do a great job of not only looking great, but keeping your feet warm and dry due to their waterproofed materials. Sorel specializes in fashionable cold weather footwear. Their insulated, waterproof footwear will keep you warm, while their beautiful leathers will keep you on the forefront of fashion. Blondo footwear uses multiple technologies to ensure maximum comfort, without compromising style. Their entire line of footwear is made with AquaProtect technology, making every single piece of footwear they produce waterproof. Blondo’s sturdy rubber soles and removable insoles will provide maximum comfort.  So whether you’re hiking on trails enjoying the winter scenery or shoveling your driveway, we have the boots to do the job!

flylondonboot  earthiesstudboot

Smartwool socks

Comfy Smartwool Socks!

Scarves, hats, and mittens are all excellent winter accessories. We have a wide variety of these pieces to choose from to match with your new boots. But an overlooked accessory for this time of year is socks. Smartwool, made of merino wool, come in an assortment of heights, designs and colors for all of your wardrobe needs. Most commonly worn with leggings, Smartwool looks great under a pair of boots peaking out at the top of the shaft. Smartwool not only works in a fashionable manner but also keep your toes toasty warm when skiing, hiking or during other outdoor activities.


Boots can take a lot of wear and tear in the winter months due to salt and snow. Condition and protect the leather with Stan’s protector and conditioner! Both are formulated to protect not only leather but suede, nubuck and canvas. Stan’s Cleaner and Conditioner keep your boots looking newer, longer and conditioned in one simple step. Stan’s Footwear Protector protects against water, salt and stains by repelling dirt and water while retaining the natural feel of the leather. Both should be a staple for all your footwear this winter!



Stacey T.

Do you still carry small shoe boots (slip ons) called Toe Warmers (from Canada)? They tighten with velcro straps across the top. I bought them in a size 11 many years ago, and am looking for another pair. Best pair of short boots I have ever had.


Hi Stacey,

We do have Toe Warmers! I believe the one you are speaking of is called the Active, and we have Size 11 at our Stan’s stores in Brookfield, Greenfield and Glendale. Please let me know if we can set a pair aside for you at one of our locations.

Thank you!

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