As we begin our Fall season, our team is excited to show you new shoes & boots. The new arrivals are better than ever this season! Our marketing team was busy this summer working on our Fall/Winter photo shoot to put together our Fall Preview Catalog. Let’s go behind the scenes of this season’s photo shoot at the Milwaukee County Historical Society!


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Milwaukee Pride

We love partnering with amazing venues in our city to showcase our product and local scenery. This year, we were lucky enough to shoot our Fall Preview Catalog at the beautiful Milwaukee County Historical Society. MCHS is based in a historical bank building and tucked away in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee along the Milwaukee River & Old World Third Street. In this building, you’ll find their museum, research library, and main offices of MCHS. The different artifacts and detailed architecture from MCHS give our catalog a vintage feel & a bit of Milwaukee flair.

The Lighted Message System

In 1906, a lighted message system was added to the south side tower of Milwaukee’s City Hall. Messages were rotated depending on events taking place in Milwaukee. These light messages were used to greet other organizations to Milwaukee, sports teams, soldiers fighting in WWI & WWII, and other noteworthy events. These lights were also featured in the credits of the Laverne and Shirley show from 1976-1980. The team at MCHS was kind enough to spell out “Stan’s” for us while we were there!

Beer Barrels

These beer barrels are artifacts representing Independent Brewing Company, which was established in 1900. The brewery was located on what is now Cleveland Avenue between 13th & 14th streets. Their most well-known beer was the Braumeister Lager. Eventually, Independent Brewing Company closed soon after being purchased by Heileman Brewing Company in 1962. It was great learning about the history of the beer barrels and being able to incorporate a major part of Milwaukee’s history to our photos!

An Original Bank Building

The MCHS building is a converted bank building and still has its beautiful bank vaults intact. In fact, the Hollywood film, Public Enemies (starring Johnny Depp) features MCHS during a bank robbery scene. You can still view the actual set from the movie in one of the vaults! The metal detailing from the vault doors were perfect for showcasing our shoes!

It was so exciting to partner with MCHS and we learned so much about Milwaukee’s heritage throughout our photo shoot. We’re glad we could show you our behind-the-scenes images and share the fun facts we learned about Milwaukee. We want to give a warm thank you to the staff at the Milwaukee County Historical Society for sharing their beautiful building & vast knowledge with us! While you explore Milwaukee this fall (in your new shoes & boots!), be sure to visit the Milwaukee County Historical Society to learn more about the rich culture & background that makes Milwaukee unique.

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