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Women’s SAS Relaxed – Black

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The SAS Relaxed has a classic casual style and super soft comfort. Thick cushioned straps wrap the foot in soft leather and adjustable straps offer maximum adjust ability. Wear with your favorite warm weather outfit.

Initial fit should allow the foot to settle naturally into the sandal. The front straps should lay comfortably over the forepart. The back strap should fit snugly against the sides and back of the heel when the ankle strap is adjusted to a comfortable position.


  • Genuine Leather Upper: Genuine leather is stretched across an exclusive SAS last, following the natural shape of the foot. Padding provides comfort across instep.

  • Adjustable Comfort: Adjustable buckles help give a customized fit that can be changed throughout the day as needed. Buckle on ankle strap is elasticized for a flexible fit.

  • Contoured Insole: The lightweight insole is covered with a full-length shock absorbing cushion and shaped to the natural arches and curves of your foot for comfortable support.

  • SAS TRIPAD® Cushions: SAS’s TRIPAD® material cushions the three pressure points of your foot: the inside ball, the outside ball, and the heel with shock-absorption meant to last all day.

  • Lightweight Shock-Absorbing Sole: The wide sole base provides increased stability and maximum shock absorbency. This feature, along with the contoured footbed and multi-layered insole, works to “rebound” every step and provide you with all-day cushioned comfort.


  • To remove dirt, wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove any dried-on dirt and dust.
  • To protect your shoes from water, salt, and stains, we recommend using Stan’s Footwear Protector.
  • If shoes get wet, dry naturally and DO NOT put out in direct sunlight or dry near heat sources.
  • For extra protection, we recommend using Stan’s Footwear Cleaner and Conditioner, this will extend the life of the shoe and help prevent drying and cracking.

1 review for Women’s SAS Relaxed – Black

  1. Tanya

    They are the best sandals in the world. You can wear them for hours and you will have felt like it’s only been a few minutes. If I could wear them everyday of my life I would! They are the best!

    • Stan’s Fit For Your Feet

      Thanks for the great review! This is a great sandal and we are so glad you love it!

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