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Pedag Holiday 3/4 Length Orthotic


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Pedag Holiday is a ¾ length, German hand-made, vegetable tanned leather insole/orthotic suitable for almost every shoe. In everyday life the Holiday is useful when standing on hard surfaces for long periods because it both cushions and supports the entire foot. Thin enough to fit in almost any shoe. The Holiday has an anatomically shaped, semi-rigid foot bed with diagonal bridge function that stabilizes, aligns, and supports the mid-foot. The small, but effective metatarsal pad lifts and cushions the front of a foot.


  • Semi-rigid orthotic arch support
  • 3/4-length footbed
  • Metatarsal pad to prevent and relieve forefoot pain
  • Stimulates and soothes tired, sore feet
  • 20 millimeter arch
  • 4.75 millimeter forefoot
  • 3.25 millimeter heel
  • American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance


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