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On Your Toes Foot Bactericide Powder stops offensive shoe odor for six months! The unique and safe “microfined” bactericide formula actually binds itself to the footwear & prevents the growth of bacteria.


  • Eliminates foot odor for at least six months
  • Made in the USA
  • One tube will treat up to three pairs of shoes


Wash your feet as usual and towel dry. Sprinkle approximately one capful of On Your Toes powder over each foot and massage evenly into the entire foot. Repeat each morning for three days, washing your hands thoroughly after each treatment.
To prevent re-infection, sprinkle two capfuls of On Your Toes powder (one-time treatment only) into each shoe, then shake each shoe to disperse the powder evenly. This package will treat six pairs of shoes with no further treatment necessary for six months.


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