Common Presentation Topics

We offer expertise in topics related to foot health, wellness, Share-A-Pair Shoe Drive fashion trends and finding the right footwear for your lifestyle. We work with a variety of groups for a number of occasions and are able to tailor our presentations and information so as to be most helpful to your organization’s needs! Some of our presentations include:

10 Tips to a Great Shoe Fit

Did you know shoe sizes vary between brands? Or that your foot will continue to change throughout your adulthood and even throughout a day? Learn 10 ways you can guarantee finding the best shoes for your individual lifestyle needs with one of Stan’s and New Balance Milwaukee’s Certified Pedorthists or Fit Specialists. Whether you are looking for sandals, athletic shoes, dress or casual footwear, we will help you find the right pair!

Common Foot Problems

Do you have diabetes, arthritis or plantar fasciitis? Is another problem causing pain in your feet? We will discuss common foot issues and how our shoes and insoles can relieve your discomfort. In addition to care for the diabetic foot and arthritis, popular topics include how pregnancy can affect the feet, issues for athletes and more.

Good Form Running and Walking Clinics

Come to our New Balance Milwaukee stores or schedule a one-on-one appointment ahead of time for a free gait analysis, digital foot scan and workout/health tips. If you are a runner, be sure to bring your shoes and workout clothes: we have treadmills to assess you and help you improve your form!

Finding Fashionable Footwear/How to Dress for Success

Are you looking to update your wardrobe? Not sure which shoes will help complete your look? Some of our Fit Specialists also have fashion backgrounds and can direct you toward the best footwear for you, whether you need a casual walking shoe, something for a formal, business setting or a shoe for a fun night out. Bring along your favorite outfits, and we will help you pair them with the perfect shoes!

Shoe Maintenance

Even the sturdiest shoe ages with use, but we have a number of products and methods that will help you get the longest life out of your footwear. Learn more about how to use shoe polish, saddle soap, leather conditioner, salt stain remover and our other great supplies.


Are you on the wellness kick encouraging people to get fit and take charge of their health? Some of our Fit Specialists are also wellness professionals who can speak to overall wellbeing, as well as the important role good shoes play in your health. We can bring our digital foot scanner to do a reading of your arch type and pressure points, as well as provide gait analysis to look at how you are walking or running.

Serving the Service Industry

Are you on your feet all day in a high-pace, service industry work environment? Is your job as a nurse, doctor, chef or teacher causing you to run around with uncomfortable footwear? Let us help you find the best shoes to get through your day with ease!

Share-A-Pair Shoe Drive

Is your school or organization interested in hosting a Share-A-Pair Shoe Drive? We can talk through where the shoes go, why donated shoes make a difference, and how to get involved.

Share Your Ideas with Us

We stand ready to help you and your organization with any foot issues you may have. Our passion is fitting people with great footwear, so let us know what we can do to assist you in finding the best shoes for you! Contact [email protected] to set up a presentation!