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Men’s Toe Warmers Aaron – Black


SKU: T18999B20


The Toe Warmers Aaron is a short, leather, zip-up boot that is made for the cold.


  • Upper: Aqua Max-Waterproof Leather
    • Specially treated leather
    • Highly resistant leather to salt stains
    • Fully breathable leather
  • Lining: Genuine Wool Shearling
    • Excellent Natural Insulator
    • Wicks away moisture for comfort
    • Velvety softness to the touch
    • Lightweight and durable
  • Insole: Warm-Tex
    • These boots feature warm and comfortable Thermal Reflective Insoles
    • Warm-Tex insoles act as a thermal reflector and vapour barrier to keep your feet warm and comfortable
    • Wicks away moisture
    • Foam cushioning layer
    • Felt
  • Closure: Zip-Up
  • Made in Canada

Temperature Rating Chart

These boots have been designed to resist heat loss. The level of cold protection you can expect depends on your level of activity and blood circulation of the foot.

Low Activity
Sitting or Standing
0°C 32°F
Medium Activity
Frequent Movement
Frequent Stops
-15°C 5°F
High Activity
Consistant Motion
-25°C -11°F


To remove dirt, wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove any dried-on dirt and dust.


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