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Women’s Sockwell Softie – Charcoal


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The Sockwell Softie has a non-binding relaxed fit with a light cushioned sole.


  • Spandex throughout sock
  • Relaxed Fit True Rib Leg
  • Non-binding Relaxed Fit Foot
  • Seamless Toe Closure
  • Compression: Non-Binding Relaxed Fit
  • Cushioning: Light Cushion Sole
  • Content
    • 33% Merino Wool
    • 33% Bamboo Rayon
    • 29% Stretch Nylon
    • 5% Spandex


  • Turn them inside out, machine wash warm, and then lay them out to dry.
  • If you want to throw them in the dryer be sure to tumble dry them on low.
  • Heat will degrade the spandex, and over time your Sockwell Socks won’t keep up with you as well as they used to.
  • Don’t forget that wool is a naturally anti-microbial fiber. That means you don’t have to wash them as often as you would a cotton or synthetic sock because stink-causing bacteria doesn’t grow as fast on wool. Cool, right?


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