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Haflinger Phillip Slipper – Black


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Extra Extra Wide = 6E
Slim = 4A
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US Euro UK
7 41 6.5
7.5 41 7
8 42 7.5
8.5 42 8
9 43 8.5
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10.5 44 10
11 45 10.5
11.5 45 11
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6 37 4
6.5 37 4.5
7 38 5
7.5 38 5.5
8 39 6
8.5 39 6.5
9 40 7
9.5 40 7.5
10 41 8
10.5 41 8.5
11 42 9
11.5 42 9.5
12 43 10
13 44 11
14 45 12
US Euro
3.5 35
4 36
4.5 36
5 37
6 38
6.5 38
7 39

Please note that some brand sizing runs differently due to hand stitching or specific last (foundation) of shoes. We are more than happy to assist you with sizing questions via our online chat or email at [email protected]

SKU: 814000-701


The Haflinger Phillip Slipper – Black for men & women is simple and appealing. Offers all day comfort and style and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This slipper has a fine leather upper and lining. The cork and latex midsole adds a defined arch for the support needed for long days. The crepe outsole is great for indoor or outdoor wear.


Haflinger Clog Parts Map

1. Contoured Heel Seat
A great clog or sandal should fit your heel snugly (but comfortably!). When the heel hits the ground, the pressure equals two-and-a-half times your body weight! Haflinger’s contoured heel seat and extra padding help your body to softly absorb the impact of this ‘heel strike.’ Pain in the back, neck and knees can be the result of shock that travels up the skeleton from a non-resilient heel.

2. Fine Leather Uppers
Haflinger’s leather clogs and sandals draw on nature inspired colors and materials—they select only the finest leathers, trims and details for your Haflinger footwear.

3. Rocker Heel
As your heel impacts and stabilizes, this rocker heel encourages the foot to ‘roll’ forward so you can push off in the toes in a natural, balanced way.

4. Cork-Latex Footbed with Arch Support
Haflinger’s anatomically correct, cork-latex footbed is made of cork and latex (a natural rubber) mixture that gives you support but is soft enough to adapt to the unique shape of your foot. Our footbed provides support not just for your feet, but for your entire body—it will enhance your overall well-being by promoting good health in muscles and bones while easing the strain on the hips, knees and spine. With the proper foot support, the body experiences proper weight distribution, balance and utmost comfort—this encourages the feet and body to take the most natural walking and standing position. Comfort begins at the feet and works it’s way up!

5. Vegetable-Tanned Leather Lining
All Haflinger leather styles are lined with soft, vegetable-tanned calfskin to prevent allergies and irritation.

6. Non-Skid Outsole
Our clogs and sandals feature durable, year-round thermal rubber (Classic Line) and EVA (Trend Line) outsoles that will accommodate even the most active endeavors and lifestyles. These non-skid and weather-resistant soles will keep you stable and secure with every step.

7. Roomy Toe Box with Toe Bar
A roomy toe box with a toe bar follows the natural form of the foot and allows your toes to move freely and thus exercises and strengthens the foot’s muscles and ligaments while promoting healthy circulation. Your toes will spread out freely, contract naturally and essentially ‘work out’ while you walk all day. Just like upper body exercise enlivens your body and mind, so does exercising your feet!


  • To remove dirt, wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove any dried-on dirt and dust.
  • To protect your shoes from water, salt, and stains, we recommend using Stan’s Footwear Protector.
  • If shoes get wet, dry naturally and DO NOT put out in direct sunlight or dry near heat sources.
  • For extra protection, we recommend using Stan’s Footwear Cleaner and Conditioner, this will extend the life of the shoe and help prevent drying and cracking.
  • Cork Latex Footbed – If you intend to use this clog in inclement weather conditions, we recommend that you use a cork protectant/sealant on the footbed at least once a year. This will help preserve the natural cork latex from breaking down prematurely.


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