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Women’s Aravon PC S-Strap – Black Multi


SKU: CI0672


The Aravon PC S-Strap have the perfect mix of elegance and comfort. The PC S-Strap sandals have a soft memory foam footbed, so you’ll always feel like you’re floating instead of walking – no matter how tired you are. The height of this shoe’s heel is 1 7/8”, which adds style to your look without being too uncomfortable. So, don’t miss out, the PC S Strap sandals are the definition of comfort and class.


  • Adjustable strap for a snug fit
  • Arch support prevents the chances of flat feet and supports the natural shape of your feet
  • Shock absorbing feature offers motion stability and protects feet from impact or injury
  • Cushioned heels give extra support to the rear of your feet and you keep your heels supple and soft
  • 1 7/8” heels that are comfortable yet elegant
  • Synthetic lining protects your shoe from getting dirty no matter where you go
  • Flexible outsoles improve road traction
  • Removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics and relieve foot pain


  • To remove dirt, wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove any dried-on dirt and dust.
  • If shoes get wet, dry naturally and DO NOT put out in direct sunlight or dry near heat sources.


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