“We only have one set of feet in life and there are no transplants, so we need to take care of our feet so they last a lifetime.” – Jim Sajdak, President/CEO

Our Fit Specialists will not only fit you with quality footwear but also with the knowledge of how to keep your overall health in mind.  It is important for you to stay active and keep your feet healthy.  With the 10 Tips to a Great Shoe Fit created by the National Shoe Retailers Association as a guide, our Fit Specialists can equip you with a well-rounded knowledge of your foot and the best practices to fit your feet.

We not only fit your feet but also work to keep them active and healthy.  Our New Balance Milwaukee Fit Specialists are ready to perform a FREE digital foot scan and gait analysis to determine your arch type and pressure points, as well as your running or walking pattern. We are ready to help you discover the best form for running and walking, and we have also created a local mall walking guide for those cold Milwaukee days, as well as a map for the basics of starting a walking program.